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                          Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Scholarship, Leadership and Action



Richard Sibbes

Cotton Mather

George Guillespie

William Tyndale

Martin Luther

John Calvin

Thomas Watson


"The New Geneva Academy is the college for students wanting to honour the crown rights of King Jesus in the modern world. 
As its name suggests, the academy is about the business of promoting comprehensive [Christianity]. 
Under the tuition of men who have thought deeply about the issues at hand, the diligent student should find their courses
a spiritually and mentally enriching pursuit. 
May it be used by the Lord to the advancement of Reformed and Theonomic truth."

Dr. Daniel F.N. Ritchie, B.A., D.Min.
Author of A Conquered Kingdom

"New Geneva courses are not only spiritually and intellectually challenging, but they are also
culture-changing in potential and eminently practical for every sphere and every aspect of life".  
Dr. Richard Jones

  "Through study, and face to face student-professor interaction, Geneva's students are mentored,
challenged and supervised so as to produce cultural leaders who are fully equipped to Biblically
solve the most pressing issues of today's world."
Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Dean


New Geneva Theological Seminary, College and Graduate School is Certified by the Virginia State Counsel of Higher Education

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