The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy 
 Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Scholarship, Leadership and Action
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"I'm very encouraged to see the development of The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy.
Every prospective student has to ask themselves a question: "What do I want this education to lead to?"
A conventional degree from a brick-and mortar school serves the primary purpose of being an entrance ticket to employment, a leg up on the high school graduate. Employers assume someone with the wherewithal to get a degree has a basic set of employable skills. This "go-to-the-head-of-the-employment-line" advantage has a cost, often measured in years of debt (even if that great job never materialized). This fact alone, in a declining fiat-money economy, should cause one to proceed with caution.
If the Christian student has a desire to understand his culture in a time of historic upheaval, and to perhaps be a leader pointing to a more Biblical future, then courses like New Geneva's ought to be seriously considered. It can take you beyond a world and life view to a world and life application. If your calling demands a conventional degree, challenge yourself by [at least] taking some of their courses part time."
Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony
President, Chalcedon/ Ross House Books/ Storehouse Press

"I am delighted to see the ambitious and important educational program of New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy. They have developed a nicely structured program covering the foundational issues essential for understanding, promoting, and defending a Bible-based worldview. I wish NGCLA the Lord's blessings as they promote God's Law in the modern world."

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., M.Div., Th.M., Th.D.
Pastor, Living Hope Fellowship, Greer, SC

"The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy and The Institute for Theonomic Reformation are on the cutting-edge of applying the Bible to all of life. They're not just hearers, they're doers—training Christians to change the world for the Glory of God. I highly recommend these institutions and their curriculum." 

Gary DeMar, Th.D
Author & President of American Vision

American Vision™
“Exercising Servanthood Dominion”
3150-A Florence Rd. Suite 2, Powder Springs, GA 30127,
770.222.7266 ext. 202 

"The New Geneva Academy is the college for students wanting to know how they can honour the crown rights of King Jesus in the modern world.  As its name suggests, this academy is about the business of promoting comprehensive Calvinism.  Under the tuition of men who have thought deeply about the issues at hand, the diligent student should find their courses a spiritually and mentally enriching pursuit.  May it be used by the Lord to the advancement of Reformed and Theonomic truth."

Dr. Daniel F.N. Ritchie, B.A., D.Min.
Author of A Conquered Kingdom

"The divinely designed human “vehicles” that our triune God prepared to ride throughout the earth to smooth out the rough places and straighten out the curves with His counsel on how to live, work, play, raise our children, self-govern ourselves and worship Him is encountering a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. Its six-cylinder engine is crafted to answer the basic questions of life that no false religion can begin to absolutely address:

  1. Who we are
  2. What we are called to do
  3. [When] Discipleship & Bible Study
  4. [Why] Decision-Making that conforms to biblical ethics
  5. [Where] Obedience to God’s ethics in all areas of our life
  6. [How] Lifestyle & Evangelism

            Sadly American Bible teachers at all levels are neglecting to maintain the last four cylinders. In addition, they are limiting their instruction of second cylinder to presenting the Gospel with our words, and refusing to instruct their learners in how to present it by living-out their faith through a distinctively different (Christian) lifestyle. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is courageously calling each of us to maintain and operate the perfectly designed vehicle that God has given us to restore the ethics of the earth to His true counsel.

            As undeserving recipients of a new spiritual heart, we know the answers to the who, what, when, why, where, and how questions, but for one pragmatic reason or another, we rationalize to not keep God’s vehicle operating on all cylinders. The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy removes any excuse for not knowing how to live as members of God’s A-Team through its wide array of resources, courses, counsel and strategies to equip individuals, families, churches, and civil rulers with the tools of biblical wisdom for Christ-centered dominion.

            Non-Christians continue to look for answers in all the wrong places, just as each of us did before our conversion. Now we know them, but due to the faulty teaching of the typical 21st century American church, many fellow Christians don’t know what to do with them. This is where Dr. Raymond and his College level Academy is filling the gap, and we should all praise God for the work he is doing on a financial shoestring. Ask yourself which other ministry is doing so much to bring God’s divinely designed vehicle to operate according to all six cylinders, then share some of the resources that God has given you with the New Geneva."

Buddy Hanson
Grace & Law Worldview Resource Center Author

"Dr. Paul Michael Raymond has set an example for comprehensive pastoral leadership with his New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy. Not only does he shepherd the local flock but also provides Christian college-level instruction that impacts our culture for Christ."
Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Lt.Col) USAR Ret
Author & President of Frontline Ministries, Inc. & the Exodus Mandate Project
Frontline Ministries, Inc. (803) 714-1744

"New Geneva courses are not only spiritually and intellectually challenging, but they are also
culture-changing in potential and eminently practical for every sphere and every aspect of life".  
Dr. Richard Jones

"Through study, and face to face student-professor interaction, Geneva's students are mentored, challenged and supervised so as to produce cultural leaders who are fully equipped to Biblically solve the most pressing issues of today's world." Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Dean
New Geneva is an undergraduate College, a Graduate School and a Christian Seminary conferring MACS, MAR, M.Div and Th.D. degrees of study as a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.