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Ambassador's School Internship Program
'Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God..'  2 Corinthians 5:20

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The Ambassador's School is for those students who desire to implement Biblical Strategies and Tactics to real world situations. This select group of statesmen are those who are selflessly committed to Biblical precision, and diligent action, in the field of effects-based planning, with measurable results.


Students desiring to explore leadership in government and public policy can sign onto New Geneva’s Ambassador's Internship program which will equip them to join the ranks of Biblical leaders in their respective disciplines of study. This tract can be competed in either one or two years and consists of research, study and leadership involvement in the local community. A select series of lectures and readings accompany this tract of study, which is especially designed for leadership action. Completion of this tract of study offers a Leadership Diploma Certificate. 

To become eligible for this elite group of policy makers, the candidate must enroll in, and successfully complete a select series of courses geared toward specific areas of the culture.


BIBL LAW 230 Systematic Theonomy
BIBL LAW 240 Theonomic Apologetics

GOV 201 Biblical Principles of Government
GOV 220 Calvin and Government
GOV 240 Theology of the State

LDRSHP 101 Lectures on Statesmanship
LDRSHP 120 A Theology of Leadership
LDRSHP 200 Leadership Strategies and Tactics
LDRSHP 220 Parliamentary Law

Examination Requirements:
Some courses requires both written works and lecture presentations.

After the successful completion of select courses the graduating student, now an "Ambassador Statesman", chooses a particular areas of interest or interests, and coordinates with other graduates so as to study more deeply together, and then disseminate their learning to the culture by way of publications, policy papers, and hands-on community action.

Candidates desiring to advance in to the realm of economics must also fulfill the course requirements below:

BIBL ECO 101 Introduction to Economics 2
BIBL ECO 102 Economic Fundamentals 4
BIBL ECO 200 Reading in Applied Economics 3
BIBL ECO 210 History of Money and Banking 3
BIBL ECO 220 Stewardship 3

Life and Education Experience:
New Geneva acknowledges past learning experience and takes into consideration that  learning which has been gained apart from New Geneva as credits toward the required courses.

If you interested in the Ambassador's Project, and would like to speak to a representative of the program, please contact Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond at

"Unless God is the Source of all Law, Including Moral Law, man and the state will be the source of Law and morality"
R.J. Rushdoony Roots of Reconstruction p. 573