The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy is dedicated to the advancement of the Christian Faith for a Christ-centered societal order.

Through scholarship, discipleship, and the application of God’s Law to every area and institution of human existence, New Geneva’s students are positioned to become the cultural leaders God has called them to be for the establishment of the kingdom of God.

New Geneva’s leadership college, graduate school, and seminary doesn’t provide a product; they provide a service – a unique service for religious studies.

All courses and course sequences are tailored individually for each student according to their intellectual and vocational goals, and they are taught from an explicitly Biblical perspective.

Most colleges simply offer courses, and upon completion of a series of courses, a diploma is given. Courses and diplomas are products. Pay for a course – get the course. Pay for the product – get the product.

New Geneva goes further. Attached to every course is a proctoring professor who acts as a “Master Teacher” especially assigned to that student. The student is the disciple, – the trainee. Each proctoring professor remains on hand throughout the duration of the course to challenge the student to think through the various problems presented in the course and to solve them Biblically. In this manner, the student is trained as a cultural leader not only to think God’s thoughts after Him, but to become proficient in the application of God’s principles to the modern world.

This type of teaching is a mentoring training experience. The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy is a Biblical alternative to the college dilemma.

“Through study, and face to face student-professor interaction, Geneva’s students are mentored, challenged and supervised to produce cultural leaders who are fully equipped to Biblically solve the most pressing issues of today’s world.”
Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Dean