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Christian Philosophy of the Arts


Beginning in Genesis and continuing through various portions of Scripture, students will gain a strong insight into God’s purpose for all the creative arts, including the important responsibilities of artisans, as ordained by God. Focusing on the visual arts, students will get a brief overview of the historical genres, trends, and their influences pertaining to western culture. They will also learn about how the “art world” generally works, its influence upon society, the various employment opportunities, and how faithful Christians should dominate this important area in our culture.

This course is recommended as a prerequisite for any Christian student who has a general interest in history, is interested in the Biblical philosophy dealing with the arts, or wishes to pursue an education in any field of the creative arts. This is not a hands-on course.

 Mrs. Jane Raymond
Course Fee: $200 (2 Credit Hours @$100/hr)

Format: Students will receive the course syllabus, CD lectures, and other necessary material upon receipt of their payment for the course.