2 Timothy mp3 set

2 Timothy mp3 set


By purchasing this product, you will receive a zip folder containing 20 mp3 files — the complete set of Dr. Raymond’s 2 Timothy series.


2 Timothy

The Second Epistle of Saint Paul to Timothy is the Apostle’s follow-up to his first writing and it is traditionally considered to be the last epistle he wrote before his death. The Epistle advocates endurance as the main quality for a preacher of the gospel. As a good soldier for Jesus Christ, he is to be pure, noble, and ready to take his share of suffering. Paul again addresses fidelity in the face of ongoing heresies that are seeking to creep into the church. In Paul’s farewell, he describes himself as at the end of his ministry and awaiting the crown of righteousness which he, and all those that are faithful to the end, will receive. In 20 mp3 lectures, Dr. Raymond explores the Apostle’s final words to his young colleague Timothy, the elder at Ephesus.

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