The general attitude Christians have toward the arts tends to be confusion. Because this subject can be difficult to define and understand Biblically, Christians usually learn about it from the world’s definitions and examples. But is this the truth? Is art really what we learn from the world? Christians have an important role to play in the art world, but many avoid getting involved with the subject because they naturally assume it to be a worldly venture.

If God created all things, didn’t He also create the arts? And if so, what does HE have to say about it?

Jane Raymond, wife of Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond for over 35 years, is the mother of three adult home-educated children. She established their church’s educational programs in VA in early 2000, and continues to instruct art classes from the Biblical worldview. Recently, Jane founded the Art Gallery at New Geneva which endeavors to educate, enrich and encourage the community with Truth and Hope through the God-given gift of the arts. She also assists her husband who founded and is the dean of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy. 

140 pages. Softcover. Published by the Institute for Theonomic Reformation.