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  • Author: Samuel Blumenfeld | Publisher: Ross House Books ©2003 | ISBN: 9781891375217 | Paperback, 252 pages With the bankruptcy of modern education and the fallout of years of state controlled public schools, today's students are best indentified as "victims" rather than pupils. In this collection of essays Samuel Blumenfeld discloses the epidemic of humanistic educational theory and provides a clear way out to a truly biblical form of education. Written over a period of 20 years these essays will equip you with a comprehensive Christian view of education along with an easy to understand analysis of the degradation of public education
  • Author: Beth Bingaman | Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 24, 2018) | ISBN: 1987698924 | Paperback, 165 pages We’re all older than someone, or perhaps just more mature in the faith. The Scriptures call us to “teach and train the younger women” (Titus 2:3-5). There are many younger women among us who want to grow in their faith, need their hands held up through a battle in life, or who sincerely want to raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord, but are convinced they are not getting it right. It is one thing to “connect” on social media but an entirely different (and more biblical) thing to give face-to-face time, energy, prayer, and encouragement to a younger woman. For most of us, the role of mentor was not modeled. We don’t know where to start, nor have we thought about what our own limitations or abilities may be to offer to someone else. This book is a starting place. It offers you practical instruction for what is Biblically required of the mentor so that your “Intentional Influence” is based on the Scriptures. It includes what the Bible says we are to “teach and train” the younger women, and, in the final section, practical guides for the content of that teaching.
  • Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond provides an exposition of Psalm 106, detailing the duty in giving thanks and the hope that comes with the work of Christ in our lives.
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    This book bundle features four different titles at one great price: First Catechism: Teaching Children Bible by Great Commission Publications; The Godly Family: Essays on the Duties of Parents and Children by Soli Deo Gloria Publications; The Family at Church by Joel BeekeLittle Pillow & Morning Bells by France Ridley Havergal. First Catechism: Teaching Children Bible by Great Commission Publications An effective tool for teaching the truths of the Reformed faith in simple, straightforward language. 150 questions and answers, illustrations to color, numbers to mark progress. 40 pages, 5x7.5 inches. The Godly Family: Essays on the Duties of Parents and Children by Soli Deo Gloria Publications The Godly Family presents timeless counsel from several seventeenth- and eighteenth-century pastors on ordering the home God’s way. Although some circumstances of family life have changed over the years, the basic purpose, relations, and duties remain the same. Reading this book, Christian parents will appreciate and benefit from a host of essays related to family religion, the duties of parents, the duties of children, and the eternal family in heaven. Authors in this collection include Samuel Davies, George Whitefield, Samuel Worcester, Henry Venn, Samuel Stennett, Arthur Hildersham, Philip Doddridge, and Thomas Houston. Allow the wisdom of generations past to guide you today in cultivating a godly family. The Family at Church by Joel Beeke This book contains guidance on two important areas of family life. First, it explains how we should prepare our families for public worship. Second, it addresses the subject of prayer meetings, their importance and the scriptural warrant for them. Dr. Beeke's approach involves a sketch of the past uses of such practices and a detailed exposition, in such a way, that the reader can apply it to everyday living. This book will help a family focus the Sabbath wherein it can truly be a delight to the soul. Little Pillow & Morning Bells by France Ridley Havergal Little Pillows is a precious little book filled with promises upon which young children can rest their heads as they go to bed each night. Morning Bells is the companion volume written to give these same children a passage to carry with them throughout the day. A wonderful book to read to young children, and for them to read to each other as they grow older.
  • While the Christian community believes that the Incarnation of the Lord Christ was the most profound and wonderful occurrence to grace the known world - impacting history as it did - many Christians are ignorant of the Incarnation’s total impact, especially as it addresses issues of politics, law and governance. No Christian should ever be moved to think of the Incarnation in the narrow terms of individual salvation whatsoever. If not for Christianity, tyranny and totalitarianism would be the norm for the nations of the world.  The Westminster Confession of Faith understood the total ramifications of the Incarnation as it deals with politics, law, and government when it was written.
  • One of the fundamental character traits of the child of God is reverence. But what does it mean to reverence God? It is a holy fear mingled with respect and esteem. It is the act of veneration and the act of worship.   According to Noah Webster, reverence is defined as: “The fear acceptable to God, is a filial fear, an awful reverence of the divine nature, proceeding from a just esteem of his perfections, which produces in us an inclination to his service and an unwillingness to offend him.”   Reverence is connected very intimately to worship. In fact, it is the underlying foundation of worship. When we come before God in worship, we come and we reverence God. 15 pages.
  • The general attitude Christians have toward the arts tends to be confusion. Because this subject can be difficult to define and understand Biblically, Christians usually learn about it from the world's definitions and examples. But is this the truth? Is art really what we learn from the world? Christians have an important role to play in the art world, but many avoid getting involved with the subject because they naturally assume it to be a worldly venture. If God created all things, didn't He also create the arts? And if so, what does HE have to say about it? Jane Raymond, wife of Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond for over 35 years, is the mother of three adult home-educated children. She established their church's educational programs in VA in early 2000, and continues to instruct art classes from the Biblical worldview. Recently, Jane founded the Art Gallery at New Geneva which endeavors to educate, enrich and encourage the community with Truth and Hope through the God-given gift of the arts. She also assists her husband who founded and is the dean of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy.  140 pages. Softcover. Published by the Institute for Theonomic Reformation.
  • This book is about spiritual battle for professing Christians. The gloves will come off. Spiritual victory has never been relegated to the personal sphere of the believer. For example - David and Goliath, Moses and Pharaoh, Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Paul at Mars Hill, Jesus and Satan, Jesus and Pilate to name a few. All of these engagements had broad covenantal and cultural ramifications, and were not limited to the personal behavior and lives of those directly involved in the conflict. Fighting to Win juxtaposes the secular practice of Christianity with the unchanged mandates of God to take the land and all that is in it for the glory of God and of His great Kingdom. In Fighting to Win, Ron presents a how-to guide to move the Christian from a defeatist, pessimistic worldview, to one of long-term victory and optimism wherein the reader is a full participant.
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