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  • Author: Samuel Blumenfeld | Publisher: Ross House Books ©2003 | ISBN: 9781891375217 | Paperback, 252 pages With the bankruptcy of modern education and the fallout of years of state controlled public schools, today's students are best indentified as "victims" rather than pupils. In this collection of essays Samuel Blumenfeld discloses the epidemic of humanistic educational theory and provides a clear way out to a truly biblical form of education. Written over a period of 20 years these essays will equip you with a comprehensive Christian view of education along with an easy to understand analysis of the degradation of public education
  • Author: Beth Bingaman | Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 24, 2018) | ISBN: 1987698924 | Paperback, 165 pages We’re all older than someone, or perhaps just more mature in the faith. The Scriptures call us to “teach and train the younger women” (Titus 2:3-5). There are many younger women among us who want to grow in their faith, need their hands held up through a battle in life, or who sincerely want to raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord, but are convinced they are not getting it right. It is one thing to “connect” on social media but an entirely different (and more biblical) thing to give face-to-face time, energy, prayer, and encouragement to a younger woman. For most of us, the role of mentor was not modeled. We don’t know where to start, nor have we thought about what our own limitations or abilities may be to offer to someone else. This book is a starting place. It offers you practical instruction for what is Biblically required of the mentor so that your “Intentional Influence” is based on the Scriptures. It includes what the Bible says we are to “teach and train” the younger women, and, in the final section, practical guides for the content of that teaching.
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