1 Timothy mp3 set

1 Timothy mp3 set


By purchasing this product, you will receive a zip folder containing 28 mp3 files — the complete set of Dr. Raymond’s 1 Timothy series.


1 Timothy

The First Epistle of Saint Paul to Timothy is the first of two of Paul’s pastoral letters to the elder at the Church in Ephesus, Timothy. The letter consists mainly of Paul’s admonition and counsel to his younger colleague Timothy regarding his ministry to the church. It includes instructions on the organization of the visible church and the responsibilities resting on the elders and deacons as well as exhortations to faithfulness in maintaining the truth of God’s Word amid surrounding errors.

The pastoral epistles, as these are sometimes referred to, are distinguished from all other New Testament letters in that they are addressed primarily to a special functional class within the visible church, namely, the “professional” ministry of elders and deacons. In this first letter Paul is especially clear as to the qualifications of these leaders which he obviously borrowed from the leadership qualifications of those overseeing the ancient church during the Old Testament period. Thus, these letters occupy a unique special class distinction allowing them to stand apart from the general letters of the New Testament since they are addressed primarily to clergymen. These instructional letters are written by pastors for pastors, making them very useful in the organization and maintenance of the faithful church in our age and in all ages. Dr. Raymond expounds this first epistle in 28 mp3 lectures.

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